AnySauna Infrared Sauna Research Scholarship (ISRS) 2024

About the Scholarship

Pushing the Boundaries of Wellness and Health Science

In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness, infrared saunas have emerged as a topic of interest and research. At AnySauna, we have always championed the exploration of new frontiers in health sciences, and we recognize the potential impact of deepening our understanding of the relationship between infrared saunas and cancer.

With this objective in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the “AnySauna Infrared Sauna Research Scholarship” for 2024.

$25,000 Research Scholarship Grant

Available funds for dedicated infrared sauna cancer research.

Learn & Earn

Contribute to cancer knowledge; reap academic rewards and learnings.

Study Perks

Join our study: uncover sauna’s mysteries and boost your career.

Our scholarship drives cancer insights via infrared sauna research, combining academic excellence with health innovation.

Join our mission: explore the uncharted links, transform healthcare narratives, and shape tomorrow’s wellness landscape with us.

Eligibility & Requirements

Criteria for Research Scholarship Entry

This scholarship represents more than just financial support. It’s an embodiment of our dedication to facilitating transformative research that can lead to breakthroughs in the field. By providing a one-time grant of $25,000, we aim to enable one deserving scholar to focus on their research without financial constraints.

Eligibility & Preferences

Who Can Apply

Only Masters and Ph.D. students who are currently enrolled in accredited universities across the United States.

Field of Study

While we welcome applications from students across various disciplines, we hold a particular interest in those majoring in Oncology, Medical Research, Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Alternative Medicine, and Therapeutic Sciences.

Academic Session

Applicants should either be initiating or continuing their research during Semester 1 of 2024.

EOI Essentials

Essential Documents for Scholarship Application

Academic Resume

Detail your academic journey, any prior research, publications, or projects relevant to the field, and any accolades or achievements that showcase your dedication and potential.

Recommendation Letters

While not obligatory, these letters provide a deeper insight into your capabilities and contributions. We encourage submissions from professors, academic advisors, or industry professionals familiar with your work.

Application and Selection Process

Discover the steps to submit your scholarship application and understand our comprehensive selection criteria, ensuring the best fit for groundbreaking research.

Selection Process

Our comprehensive evaluation hinges on both academic excellence and the potential for groundbreaking research in the domain. We will carefully assess each candidate’s resume, weighing academic accomplishments and any showcased zeal for the subject. Recommendations will also play a pivotal role, offering us a glimpse into the candidate’s aptitude and commitment.

How to Apply?

Embarking on this journey is simple. All you need to do is fill out our online form available on this page. Ensure you have all the necessary documents and details on hand. The application window is currently open, with the final date for submission being December 15, 2023.


Over the years, AnySauna’s dedication to advancing research has had a palpable impact on numerous scholars. Here are a few words from our past beneficiaries:

Dr. Emily Thompson
Biomedical Researcher
Being a recipient of an AnySauna scholarship during my Ph.D. years was a game-changer. Not only did it provide financial relief, but it also validated my research pursuits. The support from AnySauna was instrumental in my studies, and I’m eternally grateful.
Tasha Lin
Masters in Oncology
Having the support of an industry leader like AnySauna during my Master was both an honor and a significant advantage. Their scholarship was a catalyst, pushing me to explore the nuanced connections between wellness techniques and traditional medicine.
Dr. Laura Mitchell
Alternative Medicine Specialist
The AnySauna scholarship isn’t just financial assistance; it’s a testament to their unwavering support for breakthrough research. Their contribution to my postgraduate studies allowed me to delve deeper into alternative therapies, ultimately shaping my career.
Dr. Samuel Ortiz
Biomedical Engineer
In the world of academia, where resources can often be limited, the AnySauna scholarship was a breath of fresh air. It enabled me to expand the scope of my research, incorporating cutting-edge technology and methodologies. I owe a chunk of my success to their timely support.


How is the scholarship amount disbursed?

The amount is provided as a one-time grant meant to support and propel the recipient’s research endeavors.

When will the awardee be announced?

Expect an official announcement and personal communication by the end of January 2024.

I’m an international student in a US university. Can I apply?

Absolutely! If you’re enrolled in a recognized US institution and meet our criteria, we welcome your application.

What’s the vision behind this scholarship?

AnySauna believes in the power of research to elucidate the mysteries of wellness and health. This scholarship is our way of fostering and supporting the next generation of researchers who share our passion.

Can I use the scholarship for other academic purposes?

While the primary aim is to fund research on infrared saunas and cancer, we understand the multifaceted needs of scholars. The funds can be utilized for academic purposes that align with the recipient’s research journey.

How competitive is the scholarship?

The AnySauna Infrared Sauna Research Scholarship is a prestigious award. We anticipate applications from numerous talented scholars, making the process competitive. However, we encourage all eligible candidates to apply and showcase their potential.

Expression of Interest

For additional information or to address any other queries, please reach out to our dedicated scholarship team through our contact page. Here’s to pushing boundaries and pioneering research!

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