Dynamic Bellagio Sauna Review

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The pandemic has encouraged many sauna lovers to bring saunas home, which is why Indoor infrared saunas are a huge trend these days!

You cannot go wrong with this low EMF, indoor FAR infrared sauna. It offers all the wonderful features of the best infrared sauna but for a lower price! Among these features, the 9 Energy-Efficient Carbon heating panels and thick planks guarantee the lowest energy waste and most efficient heat delivery. It’s an eco-friendly sauna unit. 

The image includes Dynamic Bellagio infrared sauna next to some furniture in a room. The caption describes the honey dark stain color of the sauna along with its stunning design.

Product highlights 

  • 9 Dynamic Infrared Carbon heating panels 
  • Three person Capacity 
  • Canadian Hemlock wood 
  • 6mm wood planks 
  • Tempered glass door 
  • Exterior Accent Lighting 
  • Chromotherapy Color Lighting 
  • LED control panel 
  • Facilities for playing music 
This image includes the front view of Dynamic Bellagio infrared sauna with no background and six arrows showing different features of the sauna. An arrow on the top of the sauna points to a text saying "Outdoor Lighting". An arrow on the upper right of the image points at a text saying "Hemlock Wood Construction". An arrow on the lower right of the sauna points to a text saying "side window". and Arrow on the bottom of the sauna points to a text saying "Tempered Glass Door". An arrow on the lower left of the sauna points to a text saying "Bronze Handle". Finally, an arrow on the upper left of the sauna points at a text saying "LED Control Panel".
Dynamic Bellagio Front View Features.


  • Carbon heating panels

This unit has 9 Dynamic Low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels. Three are installed on the rear wall, two on each sidewall, one under the bench, and one on the floorboard to guarantee even heat distribution in the sauna room. 

This image is an inside view of the Dynamic Bilbao sauna in a white background, showing the carbon heating panel placement. As described by the arrows, there are three panels on the rear wall, two on each side walls, one on the floor and another under the bench. The caption describes the advantages carbon heating panels have over ceramic panels and how more efficient and effective they are compared to the rock and water steam method.
Dynamic Bellagio Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels placement.
  • LED display

The sauna has an interior and exterior LED control panel, which facilitates timing and temperature control. 

  • Bluetooth, MP3 connection, and speakers

The unit comes with Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection, plus two speakers to improve your sauna experience.  

  • Chromotherapy

This sauna is equipped with Chromotherapy Lighting System, assisting you in restoring the balance of energy in your body and feeling as refreshed as possible after your sauna session.  

This image includes a three quarter view of the Dynamic Bellagio sauna with white background and three arrows showing the dimensions of this product. This sauna is 63 inches long, 41 inches wide and 75 inches tall. The caption describes the weight of the product to be 390 lbs.
Dynamic Bellagio external dimensions.


  • Affordable 
  • Ecofriendly
  • Heats up fast  
  • Chromotherapy (color therapy)  
  • Full 3-person capacity 
  • Energy efficient 


  • No radio  
  • No ionizer or salt therapy system 
  • Hot flashes with prolonged use 
  • Slow heating panels 


The Bellagio model has a limited lifetime warranty covering the heating elements, a five-year warranty covering electronics, and a one-year warranty covering the wood.


Below are some frequently asked questions that may give you the answers you are looking for: 

What is a far infrared sauna? 

Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas deliver heat directly to your skin via infrared light instead of heating the air in the sauna space. This approach increases your core body temperature more efficiently, improving your blood circulation and cardiovascular health. 

What is EMF in saunas? 

The term EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” Infrared saunas use this energy to heat the user’s body. Low EMF levels are safer and have a more calming effect. 

What is chromotherapy lighting? 

Chromotherapy is a medical technique in which specific light colors treat health issues or improve physical health. 

Where to Buy:

If you would like a detailed view of the information and features of this sauna or if you want to buy it, click here. 

Similar Products:

  • Dynamic Lugano – The major difference between these two products is that the Lugano model does not have the equipment for playing music. Their panels are the same, and so is the material they are constructed with. The other differences include size and design. The Lugano model can guarantee the same sauna experience as the Bellagio model unless not being able to play music during your sauna session is a deal breaker! 

To learn more about the Lugano model, click here.

  • Maxxus Bellevue – The Bellevue model from Maxxus shares many great features with the Bellagio model from Dynamic. Although the Bellevue model has seven low EMF infrared heating panels versus the nine panels used in the Bellagio model, it will guarantee fast heating in the sauna space. The big advantage of Bellagio over this model is the chromotherapy system. Among other distinctions, one can mention a small size difference, lack of exterior accent lighting and bronze door handle in the Bellevue model, and the beautiful honey dark stain color on the Bellagio model.

To learn more about the Bellevue model, click here.

Final thoughts:

Dynamic Bellagio sauna heats way faster than the sauna units with ceramic panels. It preserves heat inside conveniently and is a nature-friendly sauna. Enjoy your sauna session with music and chromotherapy and receive the sauna benefits in a private and cozy environment. 

 The beautiful design of this sauna will also add a stunning modern look to any room you decide to keep it in! It enhances your sauna experience with chromotherapy and music systems.

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