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Dynamic Bergamo Sauna Review

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There is no place in the world where saunas are as popular as in Finland – 95% of Finns use a sauna at least once a week. They believe using a sauna is a fantastic way to calm the mind and relax the body.

The Dynamic Bergamo infrared sauna is the perfect choice for anyone looking to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. With its full four-person capacity and eight powerful heating panels, you can bring your buddies together in one room and enjoy the many benefits of infrared sauna therapy. This sauna will allow you to relax in comfort and ease away the stress of the day. 

Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna - Introduction
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna – Introduction

Product Highlights

  • Full 4-Person capacity      
  • Eight dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels    
  • Chromotherapy color lighting system    
  • Interior reading and exterior accent lighting system 
  • Dual (interior and exterior) soft touch control panel     
  • Music system      
  • Bronze privacy tempered glass door and two side windows     
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood      
  • Roof vent      
  • Simple assembly      
  • 5-year warranty      
  • Indoor use only 
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna's Sizing
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna’s Sizing

Product Features

Here are just a few outstanding features provided by Dynamic Bergamo: 

  • Efficient Heating System: 

Dynamic Bergamo sauna comes with eight infrared carbon heating panels – three on the rear wall, one on each side wall, one on the bench, and two on the floorboards – which evenly distribute heat in the body and promote perspiration.   

Far infrared carbon panels penetrate the skin 40% more than ceramic panels and are 30% larger. Carbon-efficient heating panels never need to be replaced, unlike ceramic heaters. Additionally, saunas with carbon panels heat up 30% faster than saunas with ceramic panels and 100% faster than steam rooms. 

Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
  • Unique Design:  

Dynamic Bergamo is a perfect sauna for four people to enjoy a relaxing time together. Its double-paneled walls heat up faster than other models on the market.  

With its clear tempered glass door, two side windows, and dark honey-colored Canadian hemlock wood, the Dynamic Bergamo has a lovely and inviting appearance. 

  • Pleasurable and easy to use:    

Sweating in the Dynamic Bergamo sauna is pleasant when enjoying your favorite music and chromotherapy light therapy. A dual LED control panel allows users to adjust the sauna’s temperature and time settings. Moreover, assembling is straightforward, so you should be able to do it with ease.   

Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna's Features
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna’s Features


  • High-quality construction made from durable timbers    
  • Spacious    
  • Sufficient interior and exterior lighting  
  • Low EMF levels      
  • No need to replace panels      
  • Simple assembly      
  • Affordable      
  • Short warming-up time (30% quicker than saunas with ceramic panels and 100% faster than rock and water saunas)      
  • 5-year warranty      
  • Free shipping 


  • No radio     
  • No backrest   
  • No cupholder 
  • No magazine and towel rack    
  • No salt therapy system 


When you purchase an infrared sauna, it is essential to know what type of warranty coverage you have. At AnySauna, we offer a 5-year electrical and 1-year wooden guarantee on the Dynamic Bergamo model. You are covered under warranty if something goes wrong with the electrical or wooden parts within those time frames. This warranty provides you with peace of mind knowing that your purchase is covered and secure. 


The following frequently asked questions may help you get the answers you are looking for: 

What is Chromotherapy?  

Chromotherapy is a technique for restoring balance to the body by using colored light. Infrared sauna users utilize chromotherapy lights to achieve the health benefits of color light therapy. 

What is a tempered glass door?  

Tempered glass doors are made of safety glass four to five times stronger than regular glass, making it more resistant to shattering and safer for human use. 

Can you go to the sauna while you are pregnant?   

If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor first. Your doctor will be able to give you a more detailed answer about whether it is safe for you or not.  

Where to Buy   

For a more comprehensive overview of the information and features of the Dynamic Bergamo sauna or to make a purchase, please click here

Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna's Side View
Dynamic Bergamo Infrared Sauna’s Side View

Similar Products

  • Maxxus  – Low EMF FAR Infrared 

The Maxxus and Dynamic Bergamo infrared saunas are two popular 4-person capacity infrared saunas that come with many similarities but also some differences. Both models have the dual (interior & exterior) LED control panel, chromotherapy color lighting system, and the same heating system with low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels. However, Maxxus comes with one more panel, two more side windows, an FM radio, and CD players. 

Therefore, the Maxxus model can be another option if you want to purchase a 4-person capacity sauna at the same price as the Bergamo model. 
To visit the product page of the Maxxus with low EMF FAR infrared panels, click here. 

  • Maxxus – Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared 

Compared to Dynamic Bergamo, the most significant advantage of Maxxus with near zero EMF FAR infrared panels is its safer heating system.  Maxxus, with FM radio, CD player, one more heating panel, and two more side windows, has a higher price than Dynamic Bergamo in the market.  

Take Maxxus into account if you want a 4-person infrared sauna with a safer heating system. 

To visit the product page of the Maxxus with near-zero EMF FAR infrared panels, click here

Final Thoughts

For a more enjoyable sauna experience, the Dynamic Bergamo is the ideal infrared sauna. Not only is it designed to fit up to four people comfortably, but it also comes with an interior reading and chromotherapy color lighting system that will help to create memorable moments with your friends and family. In addition, the dynamic Bergamo offers a music system that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes while sweating. Its hemlock Canadian wood construction makes it one of the most durable cabins on the market. Enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones in comfort and luxury when you choose Dynamic Bergamo. 

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