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Dynamic Heming Sauna Review  

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As infrared saunas become increasingly trendy, the market provides sauna lovers with many options that might lead to their confusion. Dynamic is a leading sauna brand producing environment-friendly saunas with high efficiency and quick heating.

If you are looking for an affordable two-person sauna that offers the best features on the market, the Heming model might be the right fit for you.  Heming is the most compact corner sauna on the market, which makes it a popular choice for customers looking for a beautiful corner design in a small size.

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The image demonstrates a side view of the Dynamic Heming infrared sauna in a room next to a window.

Product Highlights 

  • 7 Dynamic Infrared Carbon Heat Emitters 
  • Two-person Capacity 
  • Reforested Canadian Hemlock Wood 
  • 6mm Wood Planks 
  • Tempered Glass Door 
  • Exterior Accent Lamp 
  • Chromotherapy System 
  • LED Control Panels 
  • Built-in Music System  
The image includes a side profile of the Dynamic Heming model on a white background with four arrows pointing outwards the sauna, mentioning the exterior accent lighting, exterior LED control panel, a tempered glass door and two tempered glass side windows.
Dynamic Heming front view features.

Product Features

The Heming model offers many top-notch features; here are a few notable ones: 

  • Carbon heating emitters

This sauna unit comes with 7 Dynamic Infrared Carbon Heat Emitters. Infrared heating panels are more efficient because they penetrate your skin by delivering heat directly to your body tissues, unlike the traditional heaters that heat the air around you.   

This image demonstrates the placement of Carbon heating panels in the Heming model. Two panels are placed on each wall of the sauna, another two panels are placed under the bench and one panel is placed on the floor.
Dynamic Heming Low EMF Infrared Energy-Efficient Carbon heating panel placement.
  • LED display

The sauna has interior and exterior LED control panels designed to facilitate the time function and temperature operation. 

  • Bluetooth and MP3 connection

The unit has Bluetooth capability and an MP3 Aux connection with speakers, allowing you to play your favorite music during your sauna session.

  • Chromotherapy

The Heming sauna comes with a chromotherapy lighting system, a technology that utilizes light colors to treat ailments by restoring the energy balance in one’s body and relieving stress.

  • Corner design

This sauna unit is designed to fit in the corner of any room you would like to place it in, which depending on your needs, can take less space while fitting into your room’s décor! 

This image shows the sizing of the Dynamic Heming model. It is 49 inches ling, 48 inches wide and 76 inches tall.
Dynamic Heming external dimensions.


  • Affordable 
  • Environment-friendly 
  • Quick heating (30% faster than traditional saunas) 
  • Clasp together assembly


  • No radio   
  • No ionizer or salt therapy system 


Dynamic Heming sauna includes a 5-year warranty on the electronics and a 1-year warranty on the wood.


Below are some frequently asked questions that may give you the answers you are looking for: 

What is a far infrared sauna? 

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared light to heat the user’s body. Unlike a traditional sauna that raises the temperature of the air inside the sauna, an infrared sauna directly delivers heat to your skin, increasing your core body temperature and improving blood circulation and cardiovascular muscles. A few of the numerous health benefits of infrared saunas are pain relief, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation. 

What is emf in saunas?  

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and it is used in infrared saunas. Infrared light can create an electromagnetic field that can harm one’s body. Low EMF technology guarantees the safety of infrared sauna users against potential harm. 

What is chromotherapy lighting? 

Color therapy is an ancient method that uses different light colors for therapeutic purposes to improve overall health by improving mental health and reducing anxiety and stress.

 Where to Buy

If you want a detailed view of this sauna information and features, or if you wish to purchase it, click here.

Similar Products

  •  Dynamic Llumeneres
    Llumeneres by Dynamic is another popular infrared sauna on the market that could be a suitable replacement for Heming based on your needs. It is slightly smaller than Heming and has one less Carbon heating panel, even though the heaters used in Llumeneres have a considerable advantage over those used in Heming.

    The Ultra Low EMF technology of heaters used in the Llumeneres model is the safest on the market today. Among other main differences between the two models, one could mention the difference in design. The Llumeneres model does not have a corner design, and unlike Heming, it has a natural color. In addition, Llumeneres has one less LED control panel.

    If you are looking for the features of Heming in a two-person sauna but with a different design and safer technology, Llumeneres should be on your list!

To view the Llumeneres model on our website, click here.

  • Dynamic Versailles
    The Versailles model is another similar option to Heming. These two models have very few but important distinctions. Although Versailles has the same color as the Heming model, it does not have a corner design. Versailles is slightly more compact than Heming and has one less Low EMF Carbon heating panel.

    In addition, Versailles does not have exterior accent lighting or side windows. Given that the Versailles model is less expensive than the Heming model, it can be a more cost-efficient option with most of the good features of Heming and its high-quality production.

To view the Versailles model on our website, click here.

Final thoughts

This image demonstrates the Dynamic Heming model in the corner of a room with glass walls.

If you’re looking for an affordable 2-person infrared sauna for indoor use, the Heming model from Dynamic might be the perfect fit for your needs. Durable carbon heat emitters, reforested hemlock wood construction, even distribution of heat in the unit, and the low EMF technology are just a few compelling features that make this product one of the bests on the market. On top of everything, a built-in music system allowing you to play music in your sauna session is a feature you cannot miss! 

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