Dynamic Llumeneres Sauna Review 

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The controversy over whether infrared heat is dangerous is a myth since it is proven less harmful than sunlight, given its lack of ultra-violate emissions.

The Dynamic Llumeneres is an ultra-low EMF sauna that will suit your needs if you are looking for a two-person sauna that provides a fantastic indoor sauna experience for a reasonable price. 

The image portrays the Dynamic Llumeneres infrared sauna in a room next to some furniture.

Product Highlights 

  • 6 PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heating panels 
  • two-person capacity 
  • Canadian Hemlock wood 
  • 6mm wood planks  
  • Privacy tempered glass door 
  • Exterior Accent Lamp 
  • LED control panel 
  • Chromotherapy Color Lighting System 
  • Built-in Music System

Product Features: 

Among the numerous fantastic features of this model, we can mention a few major ones: 

This image demonstrates the front view features of Dynamic Llumeneres using arrows. The features portrayed in this image include: Hemlock wood construction, exterior accent lighting, LED control panel, Cup holder, tempered glass door, magazine rack and side window.
Dynamic Llumeneres front view features.
  • Carbon heating emitters

This sauna unit comes with 6 PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters. Infrared heating panels are more efficient because they penetrate your skin by delivering heat directly to your body tissues, unlike the traditional heaters that heat the air around you.   

This image shows the Carbon heting panel placement in Dynamic Llumeneres. 2 panels are located on the rear wall, 1 panel on each of the side walls, 1 panel under the bench on 1 panel on the floor.
Dynamic Llumeneres Ultra Low EMF heating panel placement.
  • LED display

The sauna has one interior LED control panel to control the time and temperature. It is easy to operate and sensitive to the touch. 

  • Bluetooth and MP3 connection

The unit has Bluetooth capability and an MP3 Aux connection with speakers. Playing the recent bop while you relax can enhance your sauna experience.

  • Chromotherapy

The Heming sauna comes with a chromotherapy lighting system. This technology helps restore the balance of energy in your body and makes you feel as refreshed as possible after your sauna session.  

This image shows the exterior dimensions of Dynamic Llumeneres. It is 42 inches wide, 49 inches long and 75 inches tall.
Dynamic Llumeneres external dimensions.


  • Affordable 
  • Environment-friendly 
  • Quick heating (30% faster than traditional saunas) 
  • Clasp together assembly 


  • No radio   
  • No ionizer or salt therapy system 


Dynamic Heming sauna includes a 5-year warranty on the electronics and a 1-year warranty on the wood.  


Below are some frequently asked questions that may give you the answers you are looking for: 

What is a far infrared sauna?  

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared light to heat the user’s body. Unlike a traditional sauna that heats the air inside the sauna, an infrared sauna warms your body. It directly increases your core body temperature, improves blood circulation, and strengthens cardiovascular muscles. It also stimulates your sweat glands to produce more sweat and increases your heart rate, like doing extensive exercise while relaxing in the sauna.  

What is emf in saunas?  

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and it is used in infrared saunas. This technology uses light-generated energy to heat the user’s body. Low EMF emissions are safer because they emit a lower level of radiation.

What is chromotherapy lighting?  

Chromotherapy is a technology that uses light colors to improve health by balancing the body’s natural energy and aligning it with the universe’s vibrations. This ancient practice can improve mental health, decrease stress, and reduce anxiety, improving physical well-being. 

 Where to Buy:

If you want a detailed view of this sauna’s information and features, or if you want to purchase it, click here.  

This image shows The Dynamic Llumeneres infrared sauna in a room in front of a glass wall with a scenery of mountains and lake in the distance.

Final thoughts:

If you’re looking for an affordable 2-person infrared sauna for indoor use, you should consider including Llumeneres on your list. The carbon heating emitters are ultra-low EMF for those who want their sauna experience to be as safe as possible. The panels are durable, so you will not have to worry about repairing or replacing them. Adding music and color therapy systems to the picture makes this product highly competent on the market. 

Similar Products:

  • Dynamic Venice
    The Venice model is a suitable replacement for the Llumeneres model if you are looking for the features of Llumeneres in a less expensive model. Even though Venice is slightly bigger than Llumeneres, both models have 6 Carbon heating panels. It is important to note that the heaters used in the Llumeneres model are Ultra Low EMF, which are relatively safer than those used in the Venice model. Despite the Llumeneres model, Venice has two LED control panels, two side windows, and a honey-dark stain finish. Venice could be on your list if the Ultra Low EMF quality is not a deal-breaker for you.

To visit the product page of the Venice model, click here.

  • Dynamic Vittoria
    The Vittoria model is similar to the Venice model in features but unique in design. This model is also slightly bigger than the Llumeneres model and has the same number of carbon heating panels, with the difference that the heaters used in Vittoria are only Low EMF and not Ultra Low EMF. Vittoria has three side widows and a honey-dark stain finish, which makes it a stunning sauna. If the Llumeneres model has attracted your attention, but you would not want to pay for the Ultra Low EMF feature, the Vittoria model could be an excellent fit.

To visit the product page of the Vittoria model, click here.


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