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Dynamic Lugano Sauna Review

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Hello there, fellow wellness enthusiasts! Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on a product that has become a part of my daily routine – the Dynamic Lugano 3-person sauna.

This sauna has nine dynamic infrared carbon heating panels emitting far-infrared waves.

These waves have been known to offer a range of potential benefits, from detoxification and improved circulation to relief from muscle or joint pain, calorie burning, and even skin tone enhancement.

It’s like having a personal wellness center right in the comfort of your home!

But don’t just take my word for it; let’s dive in and explore more about this intriguing product.

Visit our Dynamic Sauna brand page for a rich selection of our top-tier saunas, and delve into comprehensive information that guides you to your ideal wellness experience. 

Infographic of the Dynamic Lugano sauna.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

Product Highlights

  • Full 3-Person capacity     
  • Nine dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels    
  • Exterior Accent Lighting 
  • Chromotherapy color lighting system     
  • Dual (interior and exterior) soft touch control panel    
  • Music system     
  • Bronze privacy tempered glass door and two side windows    
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood     
  • Roof vent     
  • Simple assembly     
  • 5-year warranty     
  • Indoor use only
Infographic of the Dynamic Lugano infrared sauna features.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

Product Features

Let’s delve deeper into the key aspects that make the Dynamic Lugano an enjoyable and wise choice for sauna enthusiasts.

Efficient Heating System

  • Nine dynamic infrared carbon heating panels
  • Faster heating time
  • Penetrates the skin 40% more than ceramic panels

The heating system of the Dynamic Lugano is truly impressive.

Infographic of the main features of Dynamic Lugano sauna.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

The sauna is equipped with nine dynamic infrared carbon heating panels.

These aren’t just any panels; they’re strategically placed throughout the cabin, including three on the rear wall, two on each side wall, one on the bench, and even on the floorboards.

This thoughtful placement ensures an even heat distribution, promoting effective and thorough perspiration.

What sets these carbon panels apart is their ability to penetrate the skin 40% more than traditional ceramic panels.

This deeper penetration enhances the sauna’s detoxifying effects, helping you to rid your body of toxins more effectively.

Plus, they heat up 30% faster than ceramic panels and 100% faster than steam rooms. This means you can start your relaxation session sooner without the long wait for the sauna to heat up!

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Unique Design

  • Three-person capacity
  • Double-paneled walls for faster heating
  • Canadian hemlock wood construction

The design of the Dynamic Lugano is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Infographic of the Dynamic Lugano sauna features.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

The sauna comfortably accommodates three people, making it an ideal space for enjoying a relaxing session with friends or family.

The double-paneled walls not only provide excellent insulation but also heat up faster than other models on the market.

This feature enhances the sauna’s energy efficiency, saving time and potentially reducing electricity costs.

The sauna’s construction material is another noteworthy feature. It’s made from Canadian hemlock wood, a type of timber known for its durability and resistance to warping or cracking due to changes in humidity.

This means your sauna will maintain its structural integrity and appearance over time.

The dark honey color of the wood adds a touch of elegance and warmth, making the sauna a beautiful addition to any home.

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Pleasurable and User-Friendly Experience

  • Dual LED control panel
  • Chromotherapy light therapy
  • Music system

The user-friendly features of the Dynamic Lugano make each sauna session a delightful experience.

The sauna comes with a dual LED control panel that allows you to easily adjust the temperature and time settings.

This means you can customize each session to your liking, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience every time.

For those who enjoy a multi-sensory experience, the sauna offers chromotherapy light therapy. This feature uses color and light to balance energy in the body, which can enhance your mood and relaxation.

It’s like having a personal light therapy session right in your sauna!

And let’s not forget about the music system. The Dynamic Lugano has a music system with Bluetooth capability and two dynamic speakers.

This allows you to play your favorite tunes or listen to a calming meditation track as you unwind.

These thoughtful features make the Dynamic Lugano more than just a sauna—it’s a personal wellness retreat.

Infographic of the Dynamic Lugano 3 Person sauna.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna


  • Affordable price, offering excellent value for money
  • Efficient heating system with nine dynamic infrared carbon heating panels
  • Faster heating time compared to saunas with ceramic panels
  • Deep skin penetration for effective detoxification
  • Spacious with a three-person capacity
  • Durable and attractive Canadian hemlock wood construction
  • User-friendly features include a dual LED control panel, chromotherapy light therapy, and a music system
  • Easy assembly with a clasp-together design


  • No radio
  • No backrest  
  • No cupholder and towel rack   
  • No salt therapy system

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When you purchase an infrared sauna, it is essential to know what type of warranty coverage you have.

At AnySauna, we offer a 5-year electrical and 1-year wooden guarantee on the Dynamic Lugano model.

You are covered under warranty if something goes wrong with the electrical or wooden parts within those time frames.

This warranty provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your purchase is covered and secure.

Where to Buy

For a more comprehensive overview of the information and features of the Dynamic Lugano sauna or to make a purchase, please click the button below.

User Manual

In order to download and print out user manuals for the Dynamic Lugano infrared sauna, please click below.

Dynamic Lugano User Manual

Click below to download the user manual for Dynamic Lugano

Experiences from the Sauna Community

As a part of the Dynamic Lugano community, we all have our unique experiences and stories to share. Here are some reviews from fellow sauna users:

Commented by Jutta S, 5 out of 5

I’m head over heels for this sauna! It’s the latest version, replacing the one we got in 2014, which we adored and used all the time. Unfortunately, a couple of water pipes burst in April, one right above the sauna, causing significant damage.

We were so eager to get the damaged area fixed and the new sauna installed. With infrared Saunas, you start sweating much quicker than with any other type. This sauna is not only attractive but also offers endless health benefits. We use it almost daily.

We hardly ever fall sick and have a robust immune system. Do some research on the countless benefits, and invest in your health. Get this sauna, and you’ll only wonder, ‘Why did I wait so long?’

Commented by OllieDawg, 5 out of 5

I had been eyeing this sauna for a while and decided to give it a shot after comparing it with others having similar features (it was more affordable and risk-free). The packaging was top-notch, but the pieces were quite heavy.

My wife and I struggled to get them into our basement, so I’d definitely recommend getting a third person to help. Note: the three-person sauna requires a 20AMP Circuit and Special outlet, and getting an electrician to install that was a bit of a hassle due to the current labor shortage. The unit was fairly easy to assemble in about 45 minutes and has been working flawlessly ever since.

 The light therapy and sound system are unexpected bonuses, and both work well. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the desired temperature, and the controls are easy to figure out. The unit looks impressive and is well-constructed. I absolutely love my sauna! I did purchase a backrest, as the wall gets hot.

Commented by Victoria D, 4 out of 5

This is an excellent unit and offers great value. I had a minor issue with one of the panels, but they resolved it efficiently and quickly. Please note: it’s called a three-person unit, but that would be a tight fit- it’s more of a two-person unit.

Sauna Assembly

For easy assembly, follow the comprehensive video tutorial, which guides you through each step for a secure and efficient setup.

Similar Products

Dynamic Vila

The Dynamic Lugano and Dynamic Vila, both three-person saunas, share several similarities.

They’re constructed from durable Canadian hemlock wood and feature exterior accent lighting for an elegant touch.

The Lugano has nine low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels, while the Vila uses eight Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters, potentially offering a slightly different heat experience.

However, there are notable differences. The Vila, slightly larger in size, features two windows compared to the Lugano’s single window, possibly creating a more spacious feel.

The Lugano boasts both interior and exterior LED control panels, while the Vila only has an interior panel.

Despite these differences, the Vila is priced higher at $3,299, compared to the Lugano’s $2,499, which could be a deciding factor for potential buyers.

To visit the product page of the Vila model, click the button below.

Dynamic Marseille

The Dynamic Lugano and Dynamic Marseille, both 3-person saunas, share some similarities.

They’re constructed from durable Canadian hemlock wood and come with a 5-year warranty.

However, the heating systems differ, with the Lugano featuring nine low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels and the Marseille using 9 Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters.

This difference could affect heating efficiency and the overall sauna experience.

In terms of design, the Marseille stands out with its glass wall, creating an open, spacious feel. The Lugano, while lacking a glass wall, boasts exterior accent lighting for added ambiance.

The Lugano also edges out the Marseille in terms of cost, priced at $2,499 compared to the Marseille’s $2,995.

Overall, you can consider the Marseille model if you want to pay more for a safer infrared sauna. 

To visit the product page of the Marseille model, click the button below.

Similar Products Comparison Table

FeatureDynamic LuganoDynamic VilaDynamic Marseille
Product SKUDYN-6336-01DYN-6315-02DYN-6308-01
Capacity3 Person3 Person3 Person
Heater9 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels8 Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters9 Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heat Emitters
Exterior dimensions (WDH)60″ x 45″ x 75″ (roof overhang: add 4.3″)61″ x 45″ x 75″ (roof overhang: add 5.2″)60″ x 41″ x 77″
ConstructionNatural Reforested Canadian Hemlock WoodNatural Reforested Canadian Hemlock WoodNatural Reforested Canadian Hemlock Wood
Warranty5 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty
Electrical requirement120V/20AMP120V/20AMP110V/20AMP
Price$ 2,499$ 3,299$ 2,995
Similar Products Comparison Table
Infographic of the Dynamic Lugano Low EMF Indoor sauna.
Dynamic Lugano 3-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna


The following frequently asked questions may help you get the answers you are looking for:

Is Canadian hemlock suitable for a sauna?   

Hemlock wood is a strong and durable material that is one of the most popular woods used in producing infrared saunas. It is stable and will not shrink, warp, or crack when exposed to changes in humidity. The wood’s natural oils also make it a good insulator. The high-quality hemlock wood makes it an ideal choice for infrared sauna cabins. 

How long does it take for the sauna to heat up to the desired temperature?

 Well, the time it takes for a sauna to heat up really depends on its type and heater power. But generally, traditional saunas take about 30-45 minutes, while infrared saunas like ours heat up in just 10-15 minutes.

What is the maximum temperature that a sauna can reach?

The maximum temperature a sauna can reach varies based on its type and heater power. Traditional saunas can get up to around 190°F, while infrared saunas usually operate at lower temperatures, between 115°F and 140°F.

How energy-efficient is the sauna, and what is the estimated monthly operating cost?

Anysauna designs their saunas to be energy-efficient, which helps to cut down on electricity usage and operating costs. The monthly cost of running a sauna depends on factors like how often you use it, the size of the sauna, and the cost of electricity. But generally, it’s about the same as running a washer/dryer.

Are there any potential health risks or concerns associated with using the sauna?

Sauna use is generally considered safe, according to scientific reports. But it’s crucial to stay hydrated and listen to your body to minimize potential risks. And if you have any medical conditions, it’s best to consult a doctor before using the sauna.

What safety features or precautions exist (e.g., ventilation, temperature limits, timers)?

Saunas typically come with safety features like ventilation, temperature limits, and timers. It’s also important to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, monitor your body, and consult with a doctor if you have any medical concerns when using a sauna.

What is the recommended minimum age for using a sauna, and are there any special precautions for children or seniors?

Children can use saunas from any age, but it’s recommended they be at least six years old and supervised. Seniors should limit their time in the sauna and consult a doctor before use. It’s a good idea for both groups to have someone with them in the sauna.

Are the materials eco-friendly, non-toxic, or hypoallergenic?

Yes, AnySauna offers saunas made with high-quality materials that are designed to be eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

What factors should be considered when selecting a sauna (e.g., size, capacity, heating system)?

When choosing a sauna, you should consider the capacity, whether you want it installed indoors or outdoors, the heating system, construction, and any additional features like lighting and music.

What kind of flooring should I have underneath my infrared sauna?

At Anysauna, we recommend using a solid and non-slip flooring material for your infrared sauna, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Dry and level flooring, including carpet, is suitable for indoor installations. For outdoor installations, you can use concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, tile, or other solid flooring.

Final Thoughts

The Dynamic Lugano sauna is an absolute treat, providing the perfect space to relax and unwind after a long day.

With its Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels, exterior accent lighting, and music system, this sauna offers an experience like no other.

Whether you’re seeking a personal retreat or a place to relax with friends or family, the Dynamic Lugano sauna has got you covered.

Plus, its durable construction of reforested Canadian hemlock wood ensures longevity, promising years of enjoyment.

So, get ready to relax and enjoy your new Dynamic Lugano Sauna!

However, it’s worth noting that while the sauna offers numerous benefits, it does have a few drawbacks.

For instance, it lacks a radio, backrest, cupholder, and towel rack and does not offer a salt therapy system. But despite these minor cons, the sauna’s pros far outweigh them.

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