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Dynamic San Marino Sauna Review

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Many people utilize saunas as a way to take care of their bodies and minds.

Saunas are Beneficial for the body in various ways, including heart health, muscular repair, mood, and more! 

Dynamic San Marino is one of the budget-friendly indoor infrared saunas which comes with a variety of features, including six dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels, a music system, a chromotherapy color lighting system, etc.

Visit our Dynamic Sauna brand page for a rich selection of our top-tier saunas, and delve into comprehensive information that guides you to your ideal wellness experience.

Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna - Introduction
Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna – Introduction

Product Highlights

  • Full 2-Person capacity     
  • Six dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels   
  • Chromotherapy color lighting system     
  • Dual (interior and exterior) soft touch control panel    
  • Music system     
  • Clear privacy tempered glass door and two side windows    
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood     
  • Roof vent     
  • Simple assembly     
  • 5-year warranty     
  • Indoor use only 

Product Features   

Here are just a few outstanding features provided by Dynamic San Marino:   

  • Efficient Heating System:     

FAR infrared carbon panels are 30% larger and penetrate the skin 40% more than ceramic tubes, which makes them more therapeutic than saunas heated with ceramic panels. Carbon-efficient heating panels never need to be replaced, unlike ceramic heaters. Moreover, Saunas with carbon panels heat up 30% and 100% faster than saunas with ceramic panels and steam rooms, respectively.   

Six infrared carbon heating panels are installed throughout the cabin of Dynamic San Marino sauna, two on the rear wall, one on each side wall, the bench, and the floorboards. As a result, they evenly distribute heat in the body and promote perspiration. 

Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
  • Unique Design: 

San Marino’s clear tempered glass door, two side windows, and construction from Canadian hemlock wood with dark honey color provide a stylish and welcoming appearance.  

It is the perfect sauna for two people to enjoy a relaxing time together. Compared to other models in the market, Dynamic San Marino uses less energy and has faster heating because of Its double-layers walls. 

Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna's Features
Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna’s Features
  • Pleasurable and easy to use: 

A dual LED control panel can adjust your sauna’s temperature and time settings. There are no complicated steps in the assembly, so you should be able to complete it without any problems.  

While working up a sweat in the sauna, you can enjoy chromotherapy light therapy and the song of your choice. 

Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna - Sizing
Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna – Sizing


  • High-quality construction made from durable timbers   
  • Low energy consumption compared to other models   
  • Low EMF levels    
  • No need to replace panels    
  • Simple assembly    
  • Affordable    
  • Short warming-up time (30% quicker than saunas with ceramic panels and 100% faster than rock and water saunas)    
  • 5-year warranty    
  • Free shipping 


  • No room to lie down   
  • No radio   
  • No backrest 
  • No cupholder and towel rack  
  • No salt therapy system  
  • No exterior lighting   


When you purchase an infrared sauna, it is essential to know what type of warranty coverage you have. At AnySauna, we offer a 5-year electrical and 1-year wooden guarantee on the Dynamic San Marino model. You are covered under warranty if something goes wrong with the electrical or wooden parts within those time frames. This warranty provides you with peace of mind knowing that your purchase is covered and secure. 


The following frequently asked questions may help you get the answers you are looking for:   

What is a tempered glass door? 

Tempered glass doors are made of safety glass four to five times stronger than regular glass, making it more resistant to shattering and safer for human use. 

Where should I place my infrared sauna?  

Although installing an infrared sauna is relatively straightforward, there are several rules you should follow. You can set it up on the carpet and in any interior space, such as a walk-in closet, basement, garage, or bathroom. 

Can I go to the sauna while I am pregnant? 

If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor first. Your doctor will be able to give you a more detailed answer about whether it is safe for you or not. 

Where to Buy   

For a more comprehensive overview of the information and features of the Dynamic San Marino sauna or to make a purchase, please click here

Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna's Front View
Dynamic San Marino Infrared Sauna’s Front View

Similar Products 

  • Dynamic Vittoria  

If you want a full 2-person sauna that is slightly more spacious and has exterior accent lighting, the Vittoria model is a wise choice. Vittoria and San Marino share several same features, including a dual soft touch control panel, music system, and the same heating system with six dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon panels.  

The Vittoria model could be an excellent fit if you want to pay a little more for a sauna with three side windows that give you the ideal view of your surroundings, let in plenty of natural light, and help you unwind. 

To visit the product page of the Vittoria model, click here

  • Dynamic Barcelona 

Dynamic Barcelona is a 1-2 person sauna smaller than the full 2-person Dynamic San Marino model, but also it is slightly cheaper. Both indoor models are built from natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood and equipped with the same heating system with six low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels. Unlike San Marino, with two side windows, the Barcelona model has only one. Consider Dynamic Barcelona if you want a cheaper infrared sauna with most of San Marino’s features.  

To visit the Dynamic Barcelona model, please click here

Final Thoughts 

Dynamic San Marino is one of the most affordable infrared saunas in the market that offers a wide range of fantastic features. Its six low FAR carbon heating panels provide well-distributed heat through the cabin to optimize your sauna experience. San Marino’s construction is made of double-paneled walls, which waste less energy and retain heat more effectively. It’s time to enjoy the ultimate sauna experience at home with this high-quality sauna! 

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