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Dynamic Sauna: North America’s Leading Infrared Sauna Provider

Founded in 2008, Dynamic Saunas, under Golden Designs, Inc., offers top-quality FAR Infrared Saunas. Known for Canadian hemlock construction and exceptional service, they’re a trusted choice for wellness enthusiasts.

Why Dynamic Saunas?

Unlock Wellness: Key Benefits of Dynamic Saunas

Quality Construction

Canadian hemlock fir ensures durability and an elegant finish.

Easy Assembly

The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free setup experience.

Low EMF Levels

Prioritizing safety with low and near-zero electromagnetic field emissions.

Exceptional Service

Committed to customer satisfaction with excellent post-purchase service.

Dynamic Sauna Product Reviews

2 Person Capacity

+ Corner Design

+ Chromotherapy System

+ Dual Control Panel

+ Tempered Glass Door

+ Exterior Accent Lighting

+ Dual Control Panel

+ Chromotherapy Lighting System

3 Person Capacity

+ Tempered Glass Door

+ Bronze Privacy Tempered Glass

+ Exterior Accent Lighting

Dynamic Sauna Guides

Dive into comprehensive guides and insights on Dynamic Saunas.

Uncover essential components that make Dynamic Saunas uniquely efficient.


Decoding the EMF ratings to understand safety and performance metrics.

Step-by-step guidance for hassle-free and efficient sauna setup.

Color Wand

Discover accessories that enhance your sauna sessions and relaxation experience.

Master the Bluetooth integration for a seamless audio relaxation journey.

Addressing common questions and offering expert solutions for Dynamic Sauna users.

Image two young woman sitting in a dynamic sauna

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your pressing questions about Dynamic Saunas’ features, safety, and usage recommendations

How long does a Dynamic Sauna take to reach the desired temperature?

Dynamic Infrared Saunas efficiently heat up within 10-15 minutes.

What’s the highest temperature a Dynamic Sauna can achieve?

Dynamic Infrared Saunas operate at optimal temperatures between 115°F and 140°F.

How energy-efficient are Dynamic Saunas, and what’s the typical monthly cost?

Dynamic Saunas prioritize energy efficiency, resulting in reduced electricity consumption. Monthly expenses are akin to operating a washer/dryer, contingent on usage and regional electricity rates.

What safety features are integrated into Dynamic Saunas?

Dynamic Saunas incorporate essential safety components such as ventilation systems, temperature regulation, and timers. Ensure hydration, refrain from alcohol, and consult a doctor for any health uncertainties.

Is there a minimum age recommendation for Dynamic Saunas?

Children can enjoy Dynamic Saunas from age 6 under supervision. Seniors should moderate their sessions and consider medical advice. Both demographics should ideally have company during sauna sessions.

Do Dynamic Saunas use environmentally conscious, safe materials?

Absolutely. Dynamic Saunas are crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic materials, emphasizing both quality and safety.

What should I evaluate when choosing a Dynamic Sauna?

When opting for a Dynamic Sauna, examine factors like its capacity, placement, heating technology, construction quality, and supplementary features like ambient lighting or audio systems.

What’s the recommended flooring for a Dynamic Infrared Sauna?

For Dynamic Infrared Saunas, solid and slip-resistant flooring is ideal. Indoors, even surfaces, including carpet, work well.

Any Questions?

Reach out to our dedicated team for inquiries, support, or personalized Dynamic Sauna recommendations.

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