A luxurious Dynamic Vittoria sauna with wooden walls and built-in glass door, showcasing its spacious interior and modern design for the ultimate relaxation experience

Dynamic Vittoria Sauna Review

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An infrared sauna might be the best option if you’re looking for a way to enjoy much-needed relaxation and recovery after a long day. Infrared saunas provide a safe, relaxing environment that allows you to unwind and relieve stress. 

Dynamic Vittoria sauna offers a range of health benefits, making it an ideal option for those looking for a gorgeous full 2-person sauna that improves their physical and mental well-being. With Vittoria infrared saunas, users can ease pain from sore muscles, burn calories, and improve their skin tone, all in the comfort of their own homes. 

Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna - Introduction
Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna – Introduction

Product Highlights  

  • Full 2-Person capacity    
  • 6 dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon heating panels  
  • Exterior accent lighting  
  • Chromotherapy color lighting system    
  • Dual (interior and exterior) soft touch control panel   
  • Music system    
  • Bronze privacy tempered glass door and three side windows   
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood    
  • Roof vent    
  • Simple assembly    
  • 5-year warranty    
  • Indoor use only 

Product Features

Here are just a few outstanding features provided by Dynamic Vittoria Sauna:  

  • Efficient Heating System: 

Six infrared carbon heating panels are installed throughout the cabin, two on the rear wall, one on each side wall, the bench, and the floorboards. As a result, they evenly distribute heat in the body and promote perspiration.  

FAR infrared carbon panels are 30% larger and penetrate the skin 40% more than ceramic tubes, which makes them more therapeutic than saunas heated with ceramic panels. Unlike ceramic heaters, you won’t ever need to replace these carbon-efficient heating panels.  

Saunas with carbon panels heat up 30% and 100% faster than saunas with ceramic panels and steam rooms, respectively.  

Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna Comparison with Ceramic Panels Saunas
  • Unique Design:   

You have a better view of the outside from three sides of this infrared sauna, making your relaxing time even more enjoyable. 

The cabin’s clear tempered glass door, side windows, and naturally reforested Canadian hemlock wood construction give it a stylish and inviting look.   

It is the perfect sauna for two people to enjoy a relaxing time together. Dynamic Vittoria, made with double-layers walls, has faster heating and lower energy consumption than other models in the market.  

Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna's Features
Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna’s Features
  • Pleasurable and easy to use: 

You can listen to your favorite singer’s song and enjoy chromotherapy light therapy while sweating it out in the sauna. Moreover, the external lighting will provide an ambient atmosphere for the Dynamic Vittoria sauna at night.   

You can use an LED control panel to adjust your sauna temperature and time features. You don’t need extra wiring as it comes with a standard outlet. In addition, you should be okay with the assembly since it is entirely straightforward.  

Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna - Sizing
Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna – Sizing


  • High-quality construction made from durable timbers  
  • Perfect view of surroundings with side windows on three sides 
  • Low energy consumption compared to other models  
  • Low EMF levels   
  • No need to replace panels   
  • Simple assembly   
  • Affordable   
  • Short warming-up time (30% quicker than saunas with ceramic panels and 100% faster than rock and water saunas)   
  • 5-year warranty   
  • Free shipping   


  • No room to lie down  
  • No radio  
  • No backrest and cupholder  
  • No salt therapy system  


When you purchase an infrared sauna, it is essential to know what type of warranty coverage you have. At AnySauna, we offer a 5-year electrical and 1-year wooden guarantee on the Dynamic Vittoria model. You are covered under warranty if something goes wrong with the electrical or wooden parts within those time frames. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your purchase is covered and secure.  


The following frequently asked questions may help you get the answers you are looking for:  

What is Chromotherapy? 

Chromotherapy is a technique for restoring balance to the body by using colored light. Infrared sauna users utilize chromotherapy lights to achieve the health benefits of color light therapy. 

Is Canadian hemlock suitable for a sauna? 

Hemlock wood is a strong and durable material that is one of the most popular woods used in producing infrared saunas. It is stable and will not shrink, warp, or crack when exposed to changes in humidity. The wood’s natural oils also make it a good insulator. The high-quality hemlock wood makes it an ideal choice for infrared sauna cabins. 

Where should I place my infrared sauna?  

Although installing an infrared sauna is relatively straightforward, there are several rules you should follow. You can set it up on the carpet and in any interior space, such as a walk-in closet, basement, garage, or bathroom.  

Where to Buy

For a more comprehensive overview of the information and features of the Dynamic Vittoria sauna or to make a purchase, please click here

Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna's Side View
Dynamic Vittoria Infrared Sauna’s Side View

Similar Products

  • Dynamic Versailles 

Dynamic Versailles is cheaper than Dynamic Vittoria, but it has one fewer side window and no exterior lighting system. Both models are almost the same size and have many of the same features, including a dual soft touch control panel, six dynamic low EMF FAR infrared carbon panels, natural Canadian Hemlock wood construction, and a music system, so it really comes down to personal preference. 

To visit the product page of the Versailles model, click here

  • Dynamic Llumeneres 

Both Dynamic Llumeneres and Vittoria models have the same number of carbon heating panels, but the former is slightly more expensive. A critical difference between Vittoria and Dynamic Llumeneres is that Vittoria’s heaters are only low EMF, while Dynamic Llumeneres’s emitters are ultra-low EMF. If the Vittoria model has attracted your attention, but you would want your sauna experience to be as safe as possible, the Llumeneres model could be an excellent fit. 

To visit the product page of the Llumeneres model, click here

Final Thoughts

The design of the Dynamic Vittoria sauna makes it an ideal choice for enjoying an infrared sauna in the comfort of your home. The unique three sides windows give you the perfect view of your surroundings and allow plenty of natural light to come in and make you feel relaxed. Dynamic Vittoria model also has exterior accent lighting and a music system to make your experience even more enjoyable. Enjoy the ultimate sauna experience in your own home with this amazing sauna! 

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