Infographic for the Sunray Evansport sauna.

Sunray Evansport Sauna Review: What You Need to Know

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Hey there, fellow relaxation seekers! Let me introduce you to my latest find: the Sunray Evansport 2-Person Sauna.

Now, before you think it’s just another sauna, let me tell you, it’s got some pretty cool features that have made my relaxation sessions even more enjoyable.

Made from the ever-stunning Canadian Hemlock wood and boasting seven infrared carbon nano heaters, it’s a blend of rustic charm and modern tech.

Plus, it’s roomy enough for two, making it perfect for some quality downtime with a friend or loved one.

Curious to know more? Let’s dive in!

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Infographic of the Sunray Evansport sauna.
Sunray Evansport 2-Person Nano Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna

Product Highlights

  • Natural Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Seven infrared carbon nano heaters
  • Dual LED control panels
  • Recessed exterior lighting
  • Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Operates at 1665 watts

Product Features

If you’re curious about what makes the Sunray Evansport Sauna stand out, you’re in for a treat.

From its efficient heating to its stylish design and user-friendly touches, this sauna has some nifty features up its sleeve. Let’s dive into the details and see what it’s all about!

Advanced Heating System

  • Cutting-edge infrared carbon heating technology
  • Optimal heat up to 140 degrees
  • Dual control with interior and exterior keypads

“Every session feels like a warm embrace, thanks to the infrared carbon heating!”

Infographic of the main features of Sunray Evansport sauna.
Sunray Evansport 2-Person Nano Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna

The Sunray Evansport Sauna is a testament to modern technology with its state-of-the-art infrared carbon heating system.

This ensures that the warmth is not only consistent but penetrates deep, providing therapeutic benefits.

The heat comfortably reaches up to 140 degrees and is perfect for melting away stress and tension.

What’s more, the dual control system, featuring both interior and exterior keypads, offers unparalleled convenience.

Whether you’re inside enjoying the warmth or outside preparing to step in, adjusting your sauna’s settings is a breeze.

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Thoughtful Design and Ultimate Comfort

  • Specifically designed for 2-person indoor sessions
  • Adjustable ergonomic backrests for tailored comfort
  • Chromatherapy mood lighting to set the right ambiance

“The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making every session a treat!”

Infographic of the Sunray Evansport sauna features.
Sunray Evansport 2-Person Nano Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna

The Evansport Sauna is not just about functionality; it’s about creating an experience.

It is designed to fit two people comfortably and is perfect for those intimate relaxation moments.

The adjustable ergonomic backrests are a revelation, allowing users to find their perfect comfort spot. But the experience doesn’t stop there.

The chromatherapy mood lighting is more than just a visual treat. It offers therapeutic benefits, with different colors helping to enhance mood, stimulate relaxation, and even boost energy levels.

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Enhanced User Experience

  • Integrated Bluetooth Speaker System for personalized entertainment
  • State-of-the-art air filtration for a pristine environment
  • Intuitive controls for effortless customization

“The added features make it more than just a sauna; it’s my personal relaxation hub!”

The Evansport Sauna goes the extra mile to ensure every session is a delight.

The Bluetooth Speaker System lets you curate your relaxation soundtrack, be it calming tunes, an audiobook, or your favorite podcast.

Meanwhile, the advanced air filtration system works tirelessly to ensure the air inside remains pure and fresh, adding another layer of health benefits to your sauna sessions.

And with the user-friendly controls, personalizing each session to your liking has never been easier.

Infographic of the Sunray Evansport 2 Person sauna.
Sunray Evansport 2-Person Nano Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna


  • Competitive pricing offers great value for money.
  • A powerful and efficient heating system ensures rapid warming.
  • Crafted from durable and visually appealing Canadian Hemlock wood.
  • User-friendly LED control panels make customization a breeze.
  • Recessed exterior lighting adds a modern touch.
  • Bluetooth Speaker System enhances the relaxation experience.
  • Oxygen Ionizer ensures a fresh and clean environment.
  • The spacious design comfortably accommodates two people.


  • The absence of a towel rack can be inconvenient.
  • Missing a magazine rack limits reading options during relaxation.
  • The lack of a window restricts external views and natural light.

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The Sunray Evansport Sauna comes with a full warranty for peace of mind. It includes a 7-year structure warranty covering any defects in the wood and construction.

In addition, a 1-year parts warranty is also provided, ensuring any malfunctioning components will be replaced or repaired.

Where to Buy

If you want a detailed view of Sunray Evansport infrared sauna information and features, or if you want to purchase it, click the button below.

User Manual

In order to download and print out user manuals for the Sunray Evansport 2-Person Sauna infrared sauna, please click below.

Sunray Evansport Sauna User Manual

Download the User Manual for the Sunray Evansport Sauna

Experiences from the Sauna Community

As a part of the Sunray Evansport 2-Person Sauna community, we all have our unique experiences and stories to share. Here are some reviews from fellow sauna users:

Commented by Dennis Tracy, 5 out of 5

“I’ve owned this sauna for around 1.5 years now. Although it came in parts, I managed to move and assemble it with a bit of help from my wife, especially for the top section. It heats up in no time, usually within 15 minutes.

I did face an issue with the ionizer a few months in, but the seller was prompt in replacing it. Everything has been working as expected since then. It’s perfect for solo use, and the built-in radio/CD player is a nice touch for some calming tunes.”

Commented by AARON JAMES, 3 out of 5

“The sauna itself is pretty good, but it feels a bit cramped for someone of my size. If you’re looking for a spacious two-person experience, I’d suggest opting for a larger model. This way, you’ll have ample space to stretch out on the bench.”

Commented by Stefan, 5 out of 5

“This sauna is fantastic! It comfortably fits two adults but is also efficient enough to heat up for solo use. I love the added features like the car radio, ionizer, magazine holder, and cup holder.

Despite the long shipping journey, all the heating panels are in perfect condition. The assembly was a bit challenging due to some discrepancies in the instruction manual and the actual product. Some holes didn’t align perfectly, and the top roof part was slightly oversized.

However, considering the price and the quality, I think it’s a great deal. It took me about four hours to set it up on my own.”

Similar Products

Sunray Sierra 2-Person Infrared Sauna

The Sunray Sierra stands out with its durable Natural Canadian Red Cedar wood construction, offering enhanced longevity compared to the Evansport model.

However, both models share similarities in terms of capacities, dimensions, heating systems, and user-friendly features, making them comparable options.

It’s important to note that the Sunray Sierra is priced slightly higher than the Sunray Evansport, which may influence your decision-making process.

For more information about Sunray Sierra 2-Person Infrared Sauna, click the button below.

Sunray Cordova 2-Person Sauna

Both the Sunray Cordova and the Sunray Evansport saunas provide an ideal option for sauna lovers seeking a 2-person capacity infrared sauna.

Featuring dual LED control panels, ergonomic backrests, and Bluetooth connectivity, both models offer convenience and comfort.

The Cordova sauna boasts the elegance of solid Canadian Red Cedar, while the Evansport sauna showcases the natural beauty of solid Canadian Hemlock Wood.

Buyers can select their preferred wood type based on their aesthetic preferences, knowing that they will enjoy a relaxing sauna experience with either choice.

For more information about Sunray Cordova 2-Person Sauna, click the button below.

Similar Products Comparison Table

FeatureSunray Evansport 2-Person SaunaSunray Sierra 2-Person Infrared SaunaSunray Cordova 2-Person Sauna
Product SKUHL200K2HL200KHL200K1
Capacity2 Persons2 Persons2 Persons
Heater7 Carbon Nano Far Infrared Heaters7 Carbon Nano Infrared Heaters7 Carbon Nano Infrared Heaters
Exterior dimensions (WDH)48″ x 45″ x 75″48″ x 45″ x 75″48″ x 45″ x 75″
ConstructionNatural Canadian HemlockNatural Canadian Red CedarNatural Canadian Red Cedar
Warranty7 Years Structure, 1 Year Parts7 Years Structure, 1 Year Parts7 Years Structure, 1 Year Parts
Power Wattage1665 Watts1665 Watts1665 Watts
Price$ 2,396$ 2,596$ 2,596
Similar Products Comparison Table
Infographic of the Sunray Evansport Nano Hemlock sauna.
Sunray Evansport 2-Person Nano Hemlock Indoor Infrared Sauna


Below are some frequently asked questions that may give you the answers you are looking for:

How long does it take for the sauna to heat up to the desired temperature?

Traditional saunas usually take between 30-45 minutes to heat up, but infrared saunas like the Sunray Evansport only need 10-15 minutes.

What is the maximum temperature that a sauna can reach?

While traditional saunas can get as hot as 190°F, infrared saunas like the Sunray Evansport typically heat up to temperatures between 115°F and 140°F.

How energy-efficient is the sauna, and what is the estimated monthly operating cost?

The Sunray Evansport Sauna is designed to be energy-efficient. The monthly operating cost is similar to running a washer/dryer, depending on factors like usage frequency and electricity rates.

Are there any potential health risks or concerns associated with using the sauna?

Using the sauna is generally considered safe. However, it’s essential to stay hydrated and listen to your body. If you have any medical conditions, it’s best to consult a doctor before hopping in.

What safety features or precautions exist (e.g., ventilation, temperature limits, timers)?

Saunas typically come with safety features like ventilation, temperature limits, and timers. Always remember to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, and consult a doctor if you have health concerns.

What is the recommended minimum age for using a sauna, and are there any special precautions for children or seniors?

Kids can start using the sauna from around six years old but should always be supervised. Seniors might want to limit their time and check with their doctor before using. It’s a good idea for both kids and seniors to have a companion in the sauna.

Are the materials eco-friendly, non-toxic, or hypoallergenic?

Absolutely! The Sunray Evansport Sauna is crafted from materials that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

What factors should be considered when selecting a sauna (e.g., size, capacity, heating system)?

When choosing a sauna, consider its capacity, whether you want it indoors or outdoors, the type of heating system, its construction, and any additional features like lighting or music.

What kind of flooring should I have underneath my infrared sauna?

It’s best to have a solid, non-slip floor for your infrared sauna. Indoors, even carpet works if it’s dry and level. Consider using materials like concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, or tile for outdoor setups.

Final Thoughts

Alright, fellow relaxation enthusiasts, after diving deep into the Sunray Evansport 2-Person Sauna, here’s the scoop.

This sauna truly offers a blend of traditional charm with modern amenities, making it a delightful addition to any home.

The Canadian Hemlock wood, efficient heating, and user-friendly features are just the tip of the iceberg.

While it has its quirks, like any product, the overall experience is overwhelmingly positive.

Whether you’re a seasoned sauna-goer or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of relaxation, the Sunray Evansport seems like a worthy companion.

So, if you’re on the fence, why not give it a shot? After all, a little warmth and relaxation never hurt anyone!

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