AnySauna Navigates a Wellness Uprising with a 55% Surge in Infrared Sauna Searches Across the US

Online wellness retailer AnySauna is stepping up to cater to the escalating interest in infrared saunas. Over the past year, searches related to this wellness innovation have soared by 55% across the United States, positioning AnySauna at the heart of this booming trend.

The intersection of health and technology is evident in the growing appeal of infrared saunas among today’s health-savvy consumers. Recent data has highlighted substantial growth in search queries across multiple states, showcasing the depth of this nationwide curiosity.

South Dakota100
North Dakota89

Brian Thompson, Managing Editor at AnySauna, commented, “The rise in infrared sauna interest mirrors a larger move towards home-based health and wellness solutions. Our brand pillars of Integrity, Quality, Care, Commitment, and Trust drive us to provide top-tier sauna and bath solutions that align with this increasing demand.”

image of top 5 states in infrared sauna searches

The national average search interest stands at about 59, peaking at 100 in areas like South Dakota, while the lowest rests at 30. Especially noteworthy is the keen interest shown by top-ranking states like South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and North Dakota, all leaning into this health technology.

Emily Johnson, Research and Development Manager at AnySauna, noted, “As infrared saunas become a staple topic in wellness discussions among Americans, there’s a golden opportunity for brands like AnySauna to offer dependable, top-quality products.”

In response, AnySauna boasts an impressive range of superior sauna and bath products that not only fulfill but surpass customer needs. This offering aligns seamlessly with their core promise represented by five values: Integrity, Quality, Care, Commitment, and Trust.

an infographic showing a 55% surge in infrared sauna searches

The link between the surging interest in infrared saunas and the heightened emphasis on overall well-being in today’s world is evident. Committed to riding this wave, AnySauna pledges to maintain its outstanding service, deep product insights, and reliable delivery across the US.

In line with their commitment, AnySauna guarantees that every customer touchpoint is infused with Integrity and Trust, each product showcases unmatched Quality, all service interactions radiate Care, and every corporate decision is anchored in unwavering Commitment.

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